Blessings, Inc.

Bringing the Gulf’s Finest to Your Neighborhood!

Blessings now proudly offers the same great service online that has defined us for more than a decade. Founded in the belief that quality shrimp starts with care and compassion, Blessings adds a personal touch at all levels of the distribution process. And as a multinational distributor, we can fill your order no matter where you are!

Started by two brothers, Blessings really is a family business; we make sure that all of our customers feel like they’re part of the family. Driven by our core principles of quality, passion, and dedication, Blessings is always the right choice.

As a trusted leader in the seafood industry, let Blessings, Inc. fulfill your next meal and taste the difference.

Contact us at 1045 S. Highland Ave, Tucson, AZ - 1-800-492-1621